Park Slope Tutoring

Park Slope Tutoring

helping students help themselves

Independent tutoring, academic enrichment program and educational consulting service located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. Successfully providing supplementary education services to parents and their children, supporting mathematics enrichment as well as education reform since 2006. Service offers patient and creative supplemental instruction as well as academic enrichment in all areas of mathematics, English and test prep.


Educational philosophies are taken from Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, models such as Singapore's mathematics and many others. Holistic education fosters the students' inate, lifelong ability to be his or her own greatest teacher.






Educational Consultation

Special Education Consultation &
Special Education Advisement & Support
for children with an IEP, families in the process of obtaining one for their child




  • "Math as Art" (March 2nd - April 27th)Explores the beauty in math, teaching students not only to understand but to grasp the deeper, philosophical ideas behind the science.
  • "SHSAT workshop" (July 7th - August 28th)


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247 Prospect Avenue, bet 5th & 6th Ave, suite 4B, Brooklyn, NY 11215


phone  +1 (718) 309-6892






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